Meeting David Wilson

David Wilson, a 28-year-old African-American journalist, travels into his family's past to find answers to America's racial divide. Along the way, he meets another David Wilson, the descendant of his family's slave master. This discovery leads to a momentous encounter between these two men of the same name but whose ancestors were on the opposite sides of freedom.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

After years of war, the Federation and the Klingon empire find themselves on the brink of a peace summit when a Klingon ship is nearly destroyed by an apparent attack from the Enterprise. Both worlds brace for what may be their dealiest encounter.


Rochel is an Orthodox Jew, and Nasira a Muslim of Syrian origin. They are both beautiful young teachers at a public school in Brooklyn. They also have something else in common - they are going through the process of getting "arranged marriages" through their respective religious and traditional customs. With both family pressure on the one hand, and the rejection of traditional values by the outside world on the other.

Farewell Darkness

After four years of military service, Michael Pasternak returns home to Chicago to confront his alcoholic father, Roman. Roman physically abused Michael's mother Teresa to her breaking point of suicide. Michael enlists the help of his old friends Dougie and Paul to aid in his plan for revenge against his father.

A Warrior's Journey

A WARRIOR'S JOURNEY reveals the soul of Bruce Lee for the first time. This 97 minute documentary includes 33 minutes of continuous action footage that was shot for "The Game of Death" but had been lost; this rediscovered footage, which is the best martial arts footage ever filmed of Lee, appears for the first time in this film.

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Family Friendly

"'Charlotte's Web' is absolutely one of the best films of the year." Now you can share the magic as a tiny spider spins a great tale of friendship and adventure in this dazzling film version of E.B. White's beloved children's book.

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The story of three sisters paralyzed by family secrets.  In the midst of struggling to overcome her self-destructive behaviour, the youngest sister, Agnes, returns home determined to confront the past in a community built on avoiding it.

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Most Watched

This is the true story of Christopher McCandless. Freshly graduated from college with a promising future ahead, he instead walked out of his privileged life and into the wild in search of adventure. What happened to him on the way transformed this young wanderer into an enduring symbol for countless people -- a fearless risk-taker who wrestled with the precarious balance between man and nature.